About Me

Dan Helmer has nearly always been a champion for public education, fighting for more desirable facilities as well as access to after school programs. He's the sole candidate that has learned what it will take to make Prince William and Loudoun work for everyone, not just those people who have an insider's advantage. He appreciates the immediate need for economic growth and growth, but unlike the opponents of his, features a good comprehension of the importance of making our state a much better place for families and communities.

- Chris Freeland, President Elect Prince William County Council He has been called an environmental champion by the Sierra Club along with the National Environmental Justice Advocacy Group. Helmer has pledged to help as well as pass the Green New Deal. Helmer co sponsored the Virginia Offshore Wind Act, the first legislation to advance offshore wind electricity in Virginia. He is also focused on ensuring environmental justice, which requires that probably the most vulnerable communities Black, Indigenous and individuals of color be prioritized when thinking about the state's climate change initiatives.

- Helmer was one of several major voices in the General Assembly in passing legislation which will keep guns not hands of unsafe people, including those convicted of domestic violence. What has Dan Helmer successfully done to tackle gun violence in Virginia? He pushed for universal background checks, that passed with bipartisan support. He's advocated for 100 % healthy energy by 2024, including investing in the offshore wind industry as well as supporting policies that promote the implementation of clean energy solutions, like carbon sequestration, across Virginia.

He's regularly advocated for passing the red flag bill in Virginia. On schooling, our veterans earned their GI Bill health benefits and I will forever fight to ensure they have the power to utilize all those rewards to obtain the courses and education they need for a good job after they return from fighting. That consists of technical and vocational instruction at schools, colleges and universities. The business was doing good and I felt a real sense of satisfaction in how things have been going.

I adore the other people. I and now be blessed to have had the chance to work with her and her team for so many years. What did you like about working here? I came in to the VAIRE organization just as it was beginning. Sue Zickuhr was a wonderful leader also I learned so much about leadership during the tenure of her. In 2024, Helmer created 2 construction companies with his wife, a job that kept him on the go until 2024 as he became mayor of Mount Airy.